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If you are thinking of commissioning a decorative glass panel a brief outline of the process involved may be of help

Ideas for your design - may originate from anywhere – an existing panel, from images in books or magazines, fabric designs or maybe just from an idea. Whether the panel is to be a picture in glass or a geometric pattern, the spark of an idea can be transformed into a glass panel.

No charge is made for an initial discussion and a quotation can be given based on the size, style and glass types discussed.

Your initial brief is developed into a full-size drawing, the pattern for making your panel.

Glass colours and textures are chosen and the glass is cut and laid-out to suit the pattern drawing.

You will be invited to review the design at various stages before the panel is leaded-up to ensure that it is how you want it.

Making the panel - Perimeter lead calmes are secured on the bench over the pattern drawing and the glass is laid-down, starting with the inner corner piece, and edged with lead calme, shaped and cut to suit the glass shape.

Glass and calme - are progressively added from the starting corner outwards until the last two perimeter lead calmes complete the layout. Joins in the calme are soldered, the panel is flipped over and the procedure is repeated on the reverse side.

Sealing and cleaning - The panel is then sealed with lead-light cement and after a final cleaning the calmes are polished with black grate polish (which helps to arrest oxidisation of the lead).

Cost - Three main factors have a bearing on the cost of a panel - size, intricacy of design and type of glass.

Other factors could be special glass or painted treatments. Simple geometric panels range from about £70/sq ft.

A deposit of 20% of the overall cost is normally requested when you confirm that you wish to go ahead.


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I design, make, repair and restore stained glass using traditional Methods

Customer Reviews and Thankyou’s

November  2013 -Pip-

I absolutely LOVE what you've done for my front door - my spirits are lifted when I come down the stairs in the morning, when I leave the house and when I come home again!!!

I love love love it so much!!! Everyone who's seen says how much they are amazed at how gorgeous it looks!!!!'


July  2013 Jackie

'Just wanted to say how lovely our Victorian bird roundels are, they will look lovely.'


'The windows look really fantastic, very happy, they look like they've always been part of the house! Many thanks'


July 2013 Matt