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Lead Calme - For Sale

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Recycling / lead calme for sale

My workshop is equipped with a melting-pot, book-moulds and mill for recycling reclaimed lead into new lead calme.  

Reclaimed lead calmes and waste offcuts are melted down with the addition of fresh lead  The molten lead is cast in iron 'book-moulds' into castings.  

The four-finger segment castings are split and fed through the mill which extrudes 'flat' or 'round' section lead calme of  different widths.    

By changing the mill's cheeks calme widths from three-sixteenths to five-eighths of an inch can be drawn.  Fitting extrusion wheels of different thicknesses allows 'narrow', 'normal' and 'wide heart' sections to be produced.

I am able to offer lead calme for sale, by weight, in 28lb bundles - currently @ £58.00* per bundle

(length of calme and number of pieces varies per bundle depending on profile and width).

*subject to fluctuations in the cost of lead.

If you are a lead-light maker holding waste/ scrap lead calme I can recycle your lead into newly extruded calme.

Allowing for corrosion of the lead, impurities, energy costs, my time and equipment you will receive half the weight of your scrap in newly extruded lead calme.